The Airfield

Our field “The Larserveld” is situated below the north-eastern border of the Amsterdam TMA. We have an airspace ceiling of 3500 ft (1060 m) AGL above the terrain, except at the north-eastern end of the site where the ceiling is Flight Level 65 or about 6500 ft (1950 m).
We have a grass runway of 1200 X 150 meters (a little wider at the northeast side) with a concrete winch track.

Length: 1200 meter
Type: grass
Direction: 050°/230°
GPS Position:

N 52,25'45"/52.429617
E 05,40'27"/5.673889

Field level: 3.5 m below sealevel
Radio: 130,125 MHz
(Flevo Grond)
Circuit: north-west or south-east side

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Start location from sky-view


Start location


Camping site