Introductory flights

Anybody interested in experiencing a ride in a glider can book an introductory flight. You will be received at the club on a pre-agreed day and receive information about gliding and our club. An experienced pilot or instructor will give you a short briefing and then take you up in a two-seater.

No special conditions apply other than a maximum weight of 105 kg and a normal health. There is no age limit. Children below the age of 14 can fly subject to prior consultation and being accepted by the pilot. Flights can be taken every Friday, Saturday or Sunday by prior arrangement with Lieuwe Folkertsma (tel +31 6 – 13804924). We ask a contribution of € 39 to cover our cost. The flight will last about 5 to 15 minutes. The memory will last a lifetime.

Age: Any (young children in consultation)

Friday, saturday or sunday. By prior arrangement only.

Maximum weight: 105 kilo
Medical examination: not necessary
Contribution: € 39,00 (POS available)  

Lieuwe Folkertsma
+31 613804924


Twin during approach for landing


Inside the ASK-21 during winch launch


Cockpit of the ASK-21